Brief introduction/overview of BKP.

Bonesa Khanya is Sotho expression meaning-"show the light". Bonesa Khanya Project(BKP) was founded in 2001 by the late Rev.David .N.Mkwayi(born in 1947,died in 2009).
The Organization emanated following an approach in December 2001 by an International Non Governmental organization -Pan African Christian women association(PACWA),who were in need to partner with a local Charity on a food distribution program in Soweto- Hence in 2002,BKP was formally registered with The Department of Social Development as a Not-for-Profit organization.
In 2003,Mr.Osuji Anthony was appointed the Project Manager and has retained the position till present.

To facilitate the formation and administration of collaborative Partnerships that address societal ills and build capacity in under resourced communities.
Is your company seeking a standing, credible Socio economic development(SED) partner?
one that will add value to your BEE score rating? A value adding SED partner with long standing good track record-an NGO that delivers?
Then,seek no further.
BKP has been in existence since 2001,has withstood the several rough tidings affecting most NGOs in South Africa.

Through innovative strategies, BKP ensures that set targets are reached,her beneficiaries served,and her sponsors/partners' expectations reached. BKP invites your company to list her,as your company's standing/long term Corporate social/social economic development partner, ensuring a stable value addition to your Annual BEE scorecard and the annual taxation cost implications of your company.
We welcome long term/standing sponsors(our SED PARTNERS),as well as other companies, wishing to make once-off donations.

BANK: First Nation Bank(FNB)
ACCOUNT NAME: Bonesa Khanya Project
ACCOUNT NUMBER-62057963673

SOCIO-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT(SED)AND TAX BENEFITS (accrueing to your company) For sponsoring/(partnering with)BKP, Your company benefits in several ways—
BEE high score points accrue to your company in terms of the socio-economic development segment of your company’s BBBEE SCORE CARD. Your company’s SED segment receives the highest rating in terms of the BBBEE RATING—hence adding value to your overall BBBEE SCORE CARD.
BKP is a section 18(a) tax exempted public benefit entity--hence your company saves on tax as a result of your donation.
South African non-profit organizations (NPOs) struggle to encourage philanthropy amongst private individuals and companies. In addressing this problem, Section 18A of the Income Tax Act provides local NPOs with the opportunity to give private individuals and companies a tangible incentive to make donations by making the donation tax deductible, within certain limits.
Acquiring Section 18(A) public benefit status is a difficult task. If acquired,it however opens up the NPO/NGO to a wider pool of donors, who are more likely to make a donation because it makes financial sense.

How the Act Works:---
Prior to 15 July 2001, donations were only deductible where a taxpayer made a donation to an educational body that could issue a tax certificate in accordance with section 18A of the Income Tax Act. In reviewing the rules relating to tax exempt bodies in South Africa, Government made the decision that the deduction of donations for tax purposes should be broadened to some degree.
In terms of section 18A, a deduction (subject to a limit) is allowed in respect of the sum of bona fide donations in cash or kind made by a taxpayer, during the year of assessment, to any –
Public benefit organization approved by the Commissioner under section 30; or Institution, board or body contemplated in section 10(1)(cA)(i); or The Government or any provincial administration or local authority as contemplated in section 10(1)(a) or (b) to be used for purposes of any activity contemplated in Part II of the Ninth Schedule; which carries on any public benefit activity (determined by the Minister) in the Republic and which complies with the requirements of subsection (1C) or any additional requirements prescribed by the Minister;
as does not exceed 5% of the taxable income of the taxpayer before the deduction under this section and section 18 (medical).
The public benefit activities which the Minister has approved for section 18A deduction purposes are set out in Part II of the 9th Schedule to the Income Tax Act.
This section makes a claim for a deduction subject to the submission of a receipt as prescribed and also provides for the valuation of any donation of property in kind.
In summary, section 18A entitles a taxpayer to deduct annually donations to certain public benefit organizations not exceeding 5% of taxable income. The "taxable income" for this purpose is the donors’ taxable income as calculated before allowing the deduction for medical expenses and the deduction of the donation.
Examples of Incentives to Donors by SARS:--
A company with an annual taxable income of R1000 000 can donate a maximum of R50 000 to a S18A organization and claim this donation as a deduction on the company’s corporate tax return. This translates to an effective out-of-pocket expense of R35 000 or 70% of the amount donated.

Mr.Uchechukwu Anthony Osuji