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     Mr.Osuji  Uchechukwu  Anthony
Project  Manager
    Tel 083-547-7628     Email:

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This Site  is being  fully reconstructed due to the unfortunate fact that my predecessor had take ill.
ocPortal was my first choice due to its many powerful features

I believe in laying out the facts and letting people make their own informed decisions,
Read about what the ocPortal Developers have to say about it
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If You Have any site related queries please post questions in the related Forum

Go to Forums Click Here Note! You need to be a site member to post questions!

Yours sincerely

           Otto Brinkmeier

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Looking for a CMS (Content Management System)

Ask you Website Developer to look at ocPortal for you.

Please also check the following information to help you in your CMS decision:

  1. Learn 50 reasons why ocPortal is different to other CMSs.
  2. Here You will see why I chose ocPortal over word press for this site ;-)
  3. Learn what ocPortal is not
    (this page contains vitally important details to help you plan your project).
  4. Learn the vision for ocPortal, as well as the future of the web.
  5. Browse the ocProducts portfolio to see example ocPortal sites.
  6. Set up a personal demo. Supply some details and they'll instantly set up your temporary site.
    They also link to the shared demo below to illustrate all the features (click the blue arrows).
  7. For documentation, please see their support section (also linked from the main menu)